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Pressure Switches

Custom - Pressure Sensors

Are you looking to custom design a pressure sensor? At Trensor, we are the aftermarket leader in custom pressure sensors for a wide variety of applications and uses. Trensor partners with customers to design and manufacture application-specific sensors, leveraging our proprietary designs, impressive IP portfolio, proprietary ASIC chips and our highly efficient automated production lines. Such diversified technology and flexibility are unparalleled in the automotive aftermarket.  Contact us today to get a conversation started about your unique project.


To classify vehicles, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) categorizes them based on gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) — which is a safety standard used to prevent overloading. It’s designed to limit the maximum weight of a vehicle including fuel, passengers and freight. Basically, the manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM) determines the maximum acceptable weight of the vehicle based on things like axle strength, brake efficiency, tire capability and the vehicle’s frame.
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Trensor is a leading technology innovator and key supply partner to global vehicle manufacturers. We continue to grow and expand our marketshare in the automotive aftermarket year after year. We hope you’ll explore our website and give us the opportunity to share our success story with you.
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